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Care Kit

Care Kit

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Despite intensive use, the surface of your board should remain beautiful for a long time. To ensure this, we recommend regular care with the wipe care for the SW Balance Board.

The sustainable and environmentally friendly wipe care forms a thin protective film of high-quality waxes, and thus protects the surface from premature wear.

Contents of the care kit:

  • Wipe care (250 ml) for the SW Balance Board to refresh the surface protection
  • Three washable bamboo cloths made from renewable resources to apply the wipe care

Use of the wipe care:

  • The surface of the balance board must be clean, dust-free and dry
  • Shake up before use
  • The wiping care can be diluted with water (20 ml per 1 l of water)
  • Apply wipe care to a cloth and damp wipe the surface of the board with it
  • After drying, the surface can be polished with a dry cloth

General care instructions for your board:

  • Regularly clean the surface with a dry cloth (bamboo or cotton) from dust and loose dirt
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth
  • Please never flood, as damage may occur due to wood swelling
  • Please do not use microfiber cloths, as they remove the oil and the protective layer
  • Never leave wet cloths on the wood surface to prevent staining

Properties of the wipe care:

  • Vegan product based on renewable raw materials: at least 90%
  • Water-based, with very low solvent content
  • Made in Germany

Properties of the bamboo cloths:

  • Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, natural and sustainable resource
  • Each cloth can be washed up to 100 times (at max. 40°C) and reused
  • The wipes are extremely absorbent, durable and perfect for maintaining (dry or damp) the surface of your balance board

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x wipe care (250 ml) for the SW Balance Board
  • 3x bamboo cloths to apply the wipe care
  • Product description

* Applies to deliveries to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Delivery to the USA and Canada is not possible. Delivery times for other countries and information about shipping to other countries can be found in the shipping information.

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