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The SW Balance Board: from Cape Town around the world

All information about the SW Balance Board.


It began with a vision in South Africa
It all started with two friends who infected Dominic Strobel with the brilliant idea of creating a balance board. But sometimes you have to travel halfway around the world to make an idea become reality: When Dominic observes surfers in faraway South Africa in 2016, it is the birth of the yoga board (today SW Balance Board): Inspired by the Wooden surfboards, the vision of a "Wooden Balance Board" shoots into his head. Dreamt, done: In Cape Town, Dominic Strobel develops the first prototype of today's board - at this point he does not expect to sell his board one day all over the world.


Our amazing success story
Back in Germany, the marketing and sales manager Dominic Strobel brought the studied civil engineer and economist Patrick Walter to his side as a business partner for a GmbH. Together, the two founders apply for a patent for their board in December 2016. The patent application is being supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy as part of the WIPANO support program.

In January 2017, Strobel and Walter will finally present their yoga board prototype to the public for the first time - at the Yogaworld fair in Munich. This is the starting signal for a rapid success story: In the same month the two of them win the ISPO Award 2017 in the category Health & Fitness with their yoga board: "A highly exciting innovation with the potential to quickly establish itself among the masses. Both beginners and advanced yogis benefit equally from it", was the jury's convinced statement.

The business partners quickly decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform to finance the development of the yoga board ready for series production. Shortly afterwards, one of the product videos goes viral - and the feedback is groundbreaking: After a successful funding phase, the first yoga boards can be sent to customers as early as May 2017. At the same time, a warehouse is being built in Boston to supply customers in the USA and Canada faster. Today Strobel & Walter GmbH delivers the SW Balance Board to over 30 countries worldwide.


High functionality and effective training
The SW Balance Board requires a balance during the workout due to the curved bottom and thus intensifies all your exercises. It convinces with its innovative cavity construction and a light weight of 11kg at a size of 178cm. Depending on the surface and the thickness of the base the balance effect is stronger or weaker and is therefore ideal for beginners as well as for professionals.

"Training with the board demands the deep muscles, thus strengthening the trunk muscles and is super efficient for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Through the balancing act it improves joint stability, promotes coordination and posture of the body. In addition, you have to stay super concentrated while balancing and you can't think of anything else - this naturally sharpens your focus. But not to forget: It's really fun to train on the board!" 

Yoga teacher Shida Pourhosseini

Whether yogi, surfer or runner: The SW Balance Board provides efficient training effects and serves all fitness sports. It catapults your training playfully to the next level - with lots of fun and a good motivational kick included.


Sustainability and regionality
For the production of the SW Balance Board, Strobel & Walter rely on durable and environmentally friendly raw materials - because the two founders want to guarantee high quality as well as conscious sustainability. It goes without saying that this also means that the choice of production site is regional: it is located in the Bavarian town of Wiesenbronn near Würzburg at the Georg Ackermann GmbH company. The company stands for distinctive professional competence and the realization of unusual problem solutions - "Made in Germany". The boards are manufactured here: High-quality beech with standing veneers for the upper side is used, the lower side is made of 3D-MDF - an extremely robust wood-based material". BauBuche is a laminated veneer wood made of beech wood, which impresses with its exceptionally high strength and particularly beautiful aesthetics. The beech wood comes from sustainable, regional cultivation and the glue used for the veneer wood is also environmentally friendly. In this way, an all-round environmentally friendly quality product is created - our high-quality and sustainable SW Balance Board.


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