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The yogaboard in „Höhle der Löwen“: We ventured into the TV show

The TV show "Höhle der Löwen" (means Lions' den) is the German edition of Shark Tank (USA) and Dragons' Den (UK).

"I'm soaking wet," laughs Judith Williams after only a few minutes of training on the board. No wonder: Our board really has it all. The curved bottom intensifies every training session - and brings the feeling of water on land. This is exactly what we want to convince the investors in the VOX TV show: On October 10th we ventured into the arena to present the yoga board to the investors. The goal: To present our board to a large TV audience and make a deal - 275,000 Euro investment for 10 percent company share.


We tell our story to the investors

When we enter the studio, the investors are already sitting in their armchairs with a stalking view - and admittedly: We are quite excited as we tell our story. As best friends who have known each other since childhood, we founded our company two years ago. Our vision: To create a high-quality, sustainable balance board that conquers the world and creates a fitness trend. Dreamed, done: Today we deliver to over 30 countries around the globe. We already hold the German patent for our yoga board, while the international patent is already applied for. We are especially proud of the fact that we have been awarded the IPSO Award in the category Fitness & Health in 2017.




"Judith Williams is the first to dare, takes off her shoes and with Shida's help she masters the warrior position with bravura." 



The investors climb on our Yogaboards

The investors are also impressed by this. But enough theory, now it's time to get down to business: We bring our brand ambassador Shida from Puls-Yoga to the stage - the long-time professional yoga teacher presents her skills on the board. And the investors? Judith Williams is the first to dare, takes off her shoes and masters the warrior position with bravura with Shida's help. Williams is immediately impressed by the quality: "The board feels extremely high quality. Carsten Maschmeyer is now spurred on - and even dares to do push-ups on the board. Only when he raises one arm does he have to surrender laughing. No wonder, because yoga board training requires a lot of practice, strength and endurance.



Deal or no Deal?

Investor Dagmar Wöhrl also praises our yoga board: "The workmanship is great, it felt really great. She likes to practice yoga - but wishes for inner peace, which she misses on our board. At first glance this is understandable - the shaky training requires a powerful balance. But that is exactly what actually strengthens her inner peace. New mindfulness exercises focus specifically on this aspect: the more you concentrate on a certain thing, the better you can switch off and sharpen your focus. Unfortunately, the time is too short to prove this to Dagmar Wöhrl. She is out. No deal.

And our investment favorite Ralf Dümmel? He is fascinated, but has already invested in a company that is heading in a similar direction and does not want to compete with himself. We understand that, of course, and say: Challenge accepted! In Germany alone there are over 6000 yoga studios and in the USA there are almost as many yoga studios as Starbucks. The SUP yoga trend, which swept over all studios like a wave this summer, is also attracting more and more surfers and boarders to our board.


Out of the niche!

A further industry, which opens itself to us, is that of health: Thus already many physiotherapists offer courses on the Yogaboard - and the costs take over the health insurance company, as also the founder magazine German startups states: From the Yoga niche also the market for prevention and health sport can be addressed in this way, because the stronger activation of the depth musculature by the balance requirements of the board one notices already with the first exercises. Ultimately, our fitness trend is not only interesting for yogis, physiotherapists and surfers, but also for all balance athletes as injury prevention and balance training.


We say thank you!

"A great product, two promising founders. Keep investing in yourself and your board," says investor Judith Williams at the end of the show. And that is exactly what we will do. We would like to take this opportunity to officially thank all those who have supported and cheered us along the way. We are touched by your gigantic feedback - on Facebook, Instagram and vis-à-vis. Even if the deal didn't work out, it was an honor to be part of the show. The fact that we were able to present our Yogaboard to so many people is a great opportunity for us: Now we're heating up our production once again and are really putting our foot down in sales! And pssst: We already have ideas for further, exciting fitness trends...

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