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Now You Can Level Up Your Yoga Practice!


The patented balance effect intensifies your yoga practice. With the SW Balance Board you bring more movement, fun and an eye-catcher into your home.

  • Balance Board with curved bottom
  • guarantees a new challenge for your Yoga
  • immediately provides for a more efficient training effect
  • strengthens the deep muscles, stability and mindfulness
  • improves balance and coordination
  • Safe balancing through low fall height and stability (no tipping over)
  • Fun factor for young and old
  • Perfect for yogis, surfers and balance athletes




"The training addresses depth sensitivity and thus improves sensorimotor skills. It exercises the deep muscles, strengthens the trunk muscles, is super efficient for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and promotes coordination and posture of the body."

Shida Pourhosseini, Yoga teacher and writer



Yogaboard Flow by Sinah 

True to the motto surf feeling and yoga training in one, Sinah Diepold will show you a yoga flow in Instyle, which you can practice wonderfully at home on your yoga boards. 

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Exercise video for beginners - Surf & Balance Yoga with Vanessa


Vanessa has been teaching Surf & Balance Yoga on the SW Balance Boards in the Munich studio "Fitness und Dance Munich" since 2019. Vanessa practices a "non-spiritual, training-oriented yoga style, which is based on physiotherapeutic and anatomical knowledge". For the Yogajournal Germany Vanessa produced an exercise video for beginners (now read Yogajournal article). Watch the videos now!




Download Yoga Exercise Poster


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