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Production: Sustainability And Highest Quality "Made in Germany"


For the production of the SW Balance Board, Strobel & Walter rely on durable and environmentally friendly raw materials - because the two founders want to guarantee high quality as well as conscious sustainability. It goes without saying that this also means that the choice of production site is regional: it is located in the Bavarian town of Wiesenbronn near Würzburg at the Georg Ackermann GmbH company. The company stands for distinctive professional competence and the realization of unusual problem solutions - "Made in Germany".



High-quality beech with standing veneers for the upper side is used in production, the underside is made of 3D-MDF - an extremely robust wood-based material". BauBuche is a laminated veneer wood made of beech wood, which impresses with its exceptionally high strength and particularly beautiful aesthetics. The beech wood comes from sustainable, regional cultivation and the glue used for the veneer wood is also environmentally friendly. In this way, an all-round environmentally friendly quality product is created - our high-quality and sustainable SW Balance Board.


Each board is unique

The individually grained beech wood, with its uneven surface and uneven patterns, is unique and beautiful in its imperfection. Entirely in accordance with the Japanese aesthetic concept Wabi-Sabi - the beauty of imperfection.



Wabi-Sabi loves all surfaces and shapes that are inspired by nature.


To avoid large unevenness, we repair individual areas with an environmentally friendly hard wax oil. The top side is further treated with a natural oil to protect the beech wood.



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